Labyrinth 2 on Table Connect for iPhone

We are currently testing Table Connect for iPhone with various games and are testing how far we can go :-)

Warning: Try only if you're fit, sore muscles guaranteed! (Still hurts ...)

Labyrinth 2 by Illusion Labs is great fun and available on the App Store!
Labyrinth 2 - Illusion Labs


  1. Wie wäre es, wenn ihr eure Videos für den iphone-Tisch in einem iphonefähigen Format abbildet?

  2. It's really lollish and amazing xD
    Please, please, consider iPad support: better resolution and much more professional apps... I'd draw like crazy on a table like that... please.

  3. Guys you should have tried IceHockey than this one ... You could also display Piano , Drums apps on Table Connect ... See some more ideas on http://techicloud.blogspot.com/2010/11/table-connect-58-inch-iphone.html

  4. Coole Sache, weiter so!

  5. Nederlanders?!

    How incredibly awesome is this! I'd like one of those too! Where can I find a shopping cart on this site? ;)
    Will it be iPod 3G compatible?
    And which program do you guys use to mirror the iPhones screen? I searched such a program for a very long time. Is it already availible?

    By the way, does it uses the acellerometer/gyroscope of the table, or the one from the iPhone?

  6. Awesome...I would like to get this, please let me known what would be the cost.


  7. Does the table have it's own accelerometer or does it rely on the iPhone's accelerometer?
    If it's the latter, then just the phone can be tilted without disturbing the entire table.
    If you can implement the drums and the piano it'd be really great. iPhone would be worth having just for the sake of the table!!

  8. 3d model of the table already exists on big 3d stocks like turbosquid. Your idea is getting more popular!

  9. Wallpapers said...

    That's just amazing :)) LMAO

    Huge iPhone :))

  10. I'm not sure if this is fake or not. If it isn't, well done you I want one :D
    IF it is, very nicely made fake. It convinced a lot of people. Now try making it for real!
    Either way, awesome . :)

  11. oh, this is super cool. It could be a very lovely table.

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