Labyrinth 2 on Table Connect for iPhone

We are currently testing Table Connect for iPhone with various games and are testing how far we can go :-)

Warning: Try only if you're fit, sore muscles guaranteed! (Still hurts ...)

Labyrinth 2 by Illusion Labs is great fun and available on the App Store!
Labyrinth 2 - Illusion Labs


Table Connect for iPhone - video demo launch!

Yesterday we had a short visit from a friend and he was lucky enough to be the first outsider to test our alpha firmware on the Table Connect for iPhone.

Check it out!


Due to the massive response and interest we decided to quickly set up a little FAQ section that may answer the most asked questions. Please be patient with us since we don't have any press inquiry manager or whatsoever. You can reach it via the site menu. Thanks for your patience!


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State of the art technology made simple to use

Please click on the images to see an enlarged view of the illustrations. 

Via the Table Connect App you can gain complete control over your iPhone using the multitouch table ... big time!
All your apps and data can now be accessed via the 58" capacitive multitouch surface.

The iPhone needs to be jailbroken to work with Table Connect. Don't worry, a jailbreak is perfectly legal, but you always modify your iPhone's content at your own risk.

• opens a wide range of possibilities of multi-person controlled apps
• compatible with iOS4 / iPhone 4 & iPhone 3Gs*
• reduced design that goes perfectly with your iPhone

*We apologize that the original iPhone ("2G") & the iPhone 3G are not working with Table Connect due to slow processing power.


First mock-ups of the final table!

While others show off only concept renderings, we are about to put the final touches on the "iPhone Table" prototype.

Table Connect for iPhone is what you have been waiting for, multitouch on steroids!

For now, we start with mock-ups as well. Currently, we are finishing up the work on the alpha release software for the table. 



The iPhone is attached via the standard dock connector – immediately after it is attached, the magic starts to happen. The entire content of the iPhone’s screen will be projected onto the multitouch table, still giving full access to all the touch gestures using multitouch technology.

Check back often in the coming days as we will post demos and news on the final development of Table Connect for iPhone.