These are the most frequently ask questions from the past few days. We hope that some of your most pressing questions are answerd here.

1) How did you come up with the idea?
At least two of us (3) are real apple fans, and this idea has stuck in our heads since at least 2 years. We don’t even remember what really sparked the idea.

2) Who are you?
We are 3 developers from Austria.

3) When did you start working on this project?
The idea is about 2 years old and we started working on it in 2010.

4) Is a jailbreak required to make it work?

5) Do you plan to make Table.Connect compatible with other devices?
We plan to bring the Table.Connect system to as many devices as possible. Currently it only works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

6) What do you reply to comments on the internet that it is fake?
We find it quite amusing and some of those fake-claims are really creative. It was clear to us that there would be many doubters but we leave them be. Rather than wasting our time on countless "fake-cries" we prefer bringing Table.Connect to a final stage.

7) How much will the final Table cost?
The most expensive part is the display for sure. (weeks of research not counting). For now we’re quite happy that we have found a development partner who can build such a display at all. We don’t know how the prototype costs would translate into a serial production model.